Clyde Bailey Drop-In Center


Who Are We?

Clyde Bailey Drop-In Center is a membership organization consisting of dues paying recovering alcoholics and addicts. We are not affiliated with A.A. in that we are able to promote and solicit funds to pursue our own mission. We have a Board of Directors who is elected by the membership at an annual meeting. The board has regular monthly business meetings. We currently have about 40 supporting members and associated members.

What do We Do?

The primary purpose of th CBDIC is to provide a place where recovering alcoholics may participate in activities in an alcohol and drug free environment, together with others in recovery. Here they can attend the A.A. meetings held daily at the Center. They participate in social events and/or educational workshops offered to them and their families in the Sebago Lakes area. There is also an NA meeting for people with other addictions held once a week. We provide meeting space for members and their sponsors. Suppers and fundraising events are held here throughout the year. Our members include people from the surrounding Lake Region area which encompass Casco, Raymond, Naples, Bridgton, Windham, Norway, Standish and Gray. We also have many seasonal visitors and residents from out of State who come back to the center every year. We welcome you to Join Us!

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected from the membership, has overseen the operation of the Center from its earliest beginnings. In 2005 the CBDIC became a Maine nonprofit corporation. The Center also received IRS determination under 501(c)(3). Charitable contributions to the Center are tax deductible. A complete revision of our bylaws where adopted at the annual meeting in July 2006 and again in July 2013.

Board Meetings are held every 2nd Monday of the month at the Center at 6:45 p.m. All members and prospective members are invited to attend. Please contact the board to request more information by mail or e-mail.

Mailing Address:
Clyde Bailey Drop-In Center
P.O. Box 431 Raymond, Me 04071