Clyde Bailey Drop-In Center

About Us

Our Beginings

In June of 1997, a steering committee was formed out of a group that was interested in establishing a drop-in center in Casco. After Clyde Bailey's death his family provided the use of their rooms and their property in his memory. Best known for its 9 a.m. morning meeting, the Center was organized and sponsored by local members of A.A. Other A.A. groups soon brought their meetings to the site. During lean times there was broad interest in keeping the Center alive. Today the CBDIC reflects an active and supportive group giving back what has been freely given to them.


Today there is an active and growing membership. Currently these members pledge $60.00/year or $5.00/month. This support accounts for 20% of the annual budget the remaining 80% comes from community support. This support includes donations of time, services and miscellaneous contributions. Fundraising includes yard sales, potluck/baked bean suppers, bottle drives and other special fundraisers. Our meetings are popular with summer visitors and residents who come from all over the U.S. and find sincere fellowship at the Center. We look forward to seeing them. We cordially welcome ALL!

The Future

The sunshine of the spirit has shown upon us creating an opportunity for a new and vibrant center to be located at 1311 Roosevelt Trail in Raymond. The board has decided to seize this opportunity to secure a 36 month lease. This location will allow us to promote our service club and better serve our recovery community in the lakes region. It will also allow us to keep our focus on those we serve instead of what needs to be fixed. Meeting will continue at our current location through the 9AM group on 12/26/2015. We are looking for volunteers and trucks to help us pack and move immediately following that meeting. Our goal is to be open for business as usual beginning with the 9 am group on 12/28/2015. As we go through this transition items not essential to meetings may be moved prior to this date. Please consult bulletin boards for further information. If you have any further questions feel free to direct them to a board member.

Mailing Address:
Clyde Bailey Drop-In Center
P.O. Box 431, Raymond, Me 04071